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If you are looking for a different kind of pet, look no further. Pythons make excellent pets for kids and adults alike - easy to care for, fun to hold, fascinating to watch.

Our resident snake expert can tell you everything you need to know about buying and caring for a snake. We have a range of specialised snake enclosures, food, heated rocks and lights to keep your snake warm and well.

We usually have two types of snake available. Both species are Kimberley 'locals'.

Stimson's Python
Stimson Pythons grow to around 1m, and are commonly known as "Children's Pythons".  They are native to Broome and a large part of dryland Australia.They are non-venemous. In the wild they come out at night and eat frogs, small lizards and mammals. Their body markings vary widely even within the same region. Stimsons are generally regarded as placid and become quite used to being handled.

Black Headed Python
The Black Headed Python is found across a range of terrestrial environments in the warmer tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia from the Pilbara to Queensland. The "BHP" as its sometimes called is easily recognised by its black head and distinctive banding. The black head of this snake is almost like an in-built solar panel, and in the wild they have been seen sticking their head out of their burrow to keep warm! Experienced snake owners love the Black Headed Python for its curiosity and interest in the world around them.  In the wild their diet consists of mainly reptiles, but also small mammals.

You require a WA Department of Environment and Conservation Personal licence to keep reptiles, snakes and turtles click here to download: Application Form

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